The top 70ish people to follow in UK PR

So I’ve been playing around with a great little website called TweepML. The site basically allows you to create and share lists of tweeters that anyone can then follow at the click of a button.

It’s a great way to find new people to follow as recommended by others. Of course I’m sure some people will start complaining about spam, but becuase Twitter is ‘opt-in’, I get a bit confused by this argument (not DM spam of course, I get that). If someone follows you and you don’t want to follow them, it’s simple – don’t!

Anyway – rant over! – to put the service through its paces, I put together a list of the people I find most interesting/useful/entertaining as a tech PR person on Twitter.

You can check out my list here. And please do let me know who I have left off…!

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